Our final stop in Sri Lanka was the walled old City of Galle. The cobbled streets and famous fort are easy to explore on foot, and the old architecture is now used for a selection of cafes, restaurants and shops.

Founded by Portugese colonists, the city had a distinctly European feel, and turned out to be a nice place for us to finish our time in Sri Lanka.

One of the main icons in Galle is the lighthouse, which is set at the edge of the fort walls. Whilst we couldn’t climb to the top of it, the surrounding areas still made for some very nice views across the ocean.


Galle is also known for its fine dining, and over our time in the city we were able to blow our remaining food budget on some fantastic food.

Sticky black pork – amazing!

Cricket is a huge pastime of Sri Lankan’s, but the people in Galle in particular seemed to be mad for it! When we were walking along the streets, we saw lots of kids playing cricket with their friends after school in parks and playgrounds.

The cricket ground in Galle is fairly iconic, as it is used for both local and International Games. There was a local game going on as we were walking through so we decided it would have been rude not to pop in for an hour and check it out.

After finishing up in Galle we took our final Sri Lankan train journey of the trip back up to Colombo. Unfortunately, as we were flying out to Borneo on the same day so we didn’t have time to properly explore Colombo before heading to the airport, so sadly it will have to wait until next time!

Sunset in Galle


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