Thailand Recap

It’s been a month now since I emerged from my Koh Tao Scuba Diving School as a shadow of my former self, so I should probably wrap up our time in Thailand so that the regular readers of the blog (if any) can move from the edge of their seats.

The length of time between posts had nothing to do with my damaged ears; to be honest it’s so loud back home that a bit of barotrauma will probably be the best thing for them. No, the main reason for the delay is that now I am back in Australia, I am reunited with the country’s infamous internet speed (or lack thereof), which was recently ranked 56th best in the world, below such technological powerhouses as Estonia, Panama and Belarus.

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Koh Tao – How Not to Scuba Dive

It’s fair to say that my body is not naturally suited to Scuba Diving. I could probably get sea sick in the bath. My eyesight is so bad that I’m virtually blind without contact lenses; my enormous nose can hold about two litres of water, and I have about thirty fillings in my teeth which probably wouldn’t enjoy the pressure of being eighteen metres underwater. Added to this, my general lack of orientation and direction skills are probably bordering on a medical disability.


It was going to be an interesting four days in Koh Tao….

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