Kotor or Dubrovnik?

Kotor and Dubrovnik are both old walled cities on the Adriatic which are very easy on the eye. Consequently, during the summer months they are now both rammed full of irritating millennial’s who spend most of their trip taking ridiculous selfies for instagram, accompanied with even more ridiculous hashtags (#blessed, #wanderlust, etc etc).

When comparing our pictures from our trip to Kotor last week and our Dubrovnik visit in 2016, you’ll mainly notice that my wardrobe and quality of facial hair has not improved at all in two years. However, you will also probably deduce that you only need to stay in one or t’other.

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Overnight Stop in Mostar

Mostar drops nicely into an Balkan itinerary; most people arrive from Sarajevo on the train which is direct, fast, and gives great views towards the end of the journey.

One night here is plenty to get a feel for the city and take in the famous Stari Most before getting back on the road and heading further south to either Dubrovnik or Kotor.

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Long Weekend in Sarajevo

Whilst we probably could have stayed in Serbia for another week and hit up the National Parks, the days are starting to run out for us to get down to the Greek Islands in time for the last throws of summer and Carissa’s 30th in mid-October.

So onwards we go on our journey towards the Ionians and onto Bosnia & Herzegovina, starting with it’s famous capital, Sarajevo. We only got to spend three nights here; whilst this was enough to get a good flavour of the region, there’s still a heap of things we want to come back and do.

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Novi Sad Road Trip

Whilst the people of Serbia are amongst the friendliest I’ve met, they drive like bloody lunatics. Shortly after hopping into our new motor, we witnessed someone reversing down a main road in what can only be described as third gear. He was retreating so quickly that I initially mistook him for a member of the French military.

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